MARCH 2019


Coachella 2019 saw a brand activation unlike any other. Kennedy collaborated with Calvin Klein to create a surreal and experiential manifestation of the 1970s-style California house featured in the brand’s Spring 2019 campaign, which featured Kendall Jenner, A$AP Rocky, Shawn Mendes and Noah Centineo. A contemporary take on the traditional ‘fun house’ experience, the #MYCALVINS house presented a journey through a series of rooms in which festival-goers became house-guests, acting as both voyeurs and participants in a multi-sensory experience – complete with several photo opportunities.

Kennedy creatively directed, project managed, designed and produced the experience, as well as overseeing content production. The journey began in a retro living room, in which guests were immersed in the attitude and emotion captured by the #MYCALVINS campaign, before entering a hyper-photogenic bathroom, where they were able climb inside the bath for a playful content capture experience.

Next, a dressing room provided the ultimate walk-in closet, where the latest styles from the brand were on display, along with an oversized selfie mirror. In the bedroom, a mirrored ceiling and instant cameras allowed house-guests to capture and take away printed photographs. Finally, they climbed through the window to a roof-top, where massive LED screens created a 360-degree view, complete with evolving virtual landscapes.