JUNE 2019


Working in close collaboration with Kennedy, Miu Miu has developed a reputation for staging its elaborate Resort shows in extraordinary and often unused locations. In 2019, this setting was the Hippodrome d’Auteuil, a 33-hectare race course in west Paris, established almost 150 years ago.

The event embraced the full language of an equestrian spectacle, from a horse parade, a hurdle race and a presentation of winners on the track to a traditional bookies’ stand, where visitors were invited to place bets throughout the event. The fashion show itself took place on a remodelled grandstand, with the race track forming a dramatic backdrop to the Resort 2019 collection.

The experience concluded with an informal dinner and a party for 600 guests in the Salon des Balances, a 1970s space with elegant interiors. From discovering the venue and creatively directing the event, to designing, project-managing and formatting the experience, Kennedy was involved throughout the project and its execution.

︎︎︎ Creative direction
︎︎︎ Project management

︎︎︎ Venue search
︎︎︎ Experience format

︎︎︎ Design
︎︎︎ Programming

︎︎︎ F&B consultancy
︎︎︎ Budget management