Since its inception in 2012, the Miu Miu Club has been a disruptive experiential series aimed at empowering women and highlighting diverse female talent and creativity.

For the first in a new series, Miu Miu travelled to Tokyo,  broadening its artistic reach, spotlighting a previously unexplored disciple – Noh Theatre.

On the 23rd November, a special performance by one of Japan’s most acclaimed Non Theatre groups took place at Tessenkai Theatre, starring renowned actress Hikaru Uzawa interpreting the popular play “Hagoromo” which traditionally has been performed by men.

Noh actor Hikaru Uzawa and her mother Hisa have not only accomplished a high level of mastery, but also represent a unique lineage of female performers who have successfully emerged in the world of Noh Theatre. Their presence and success challenge its conventional norms and add an important layer to the historical tapestry of this ancient stage art.

Following the Noh Theatre performances, the Miu Miu Club travelled from past to contemporary, hosting further evening celebrations at Tokyo’s Two Rooms and Vent, featuring an food & beverage lounge and music performances by Ela Minus, Machina and Chida.

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