APRIL 2024


Since its inception in 2012, the Miu Miu Club has been a trailblazing experiential series, empowering women and showcasing diverse female talent and creativity.

During Milan Design Week, Miu Miu introduced its inaugural Literary Club: Writing Life — a two-day event at the Circolo Filologico, Milan, celebrating the works of Sibilla Aleramo and Alba De Céspedes through conversations, live performances, and entertainment. Curated by Italian writer Olga Campofreda, the club showcased Aleramo’s “A Woman” and De Céspedes’s “Forbidden Notebook,” highlighting the profound impact of women's writing.

Day one of the club featured a panel discussion on “Alba De Céspedes: Creative Spaces, Creative Time”, a conversation on what it means for a woman to find her own voice beyond her gendered roles as mother, spouse, housewife and worker, with an introduction by Tina Kunakey, moderated by Lou Stoppard and including esteemed panelists such as Jhumpa Lahiri, Claudia Durastanti and Sheila Heti. This was followed by a poetry reading by Serena Braida and live performances by John Glacier and Arlo Parks.

On day two, the club delved into Aleramo’s groundbreaking novel “A Woman,” first published in 1906 and considered Italy’s first feminist novel, an intimate, personal memoir as well as a passionate discussion on motherhood, marriage and freedom. The conversation was introduced by Bel Powley, and featured panelists Selby Wynn Schwartz, Viola Di Grady and Xiaolu Guo, moderated by author, presenter and journalist Zing Tseng. The day concluded with a poetry reading by John Glacier and performances by Mathilde Fernandez and Aziya.

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