MARCH 2019


The second iteration of Prada Mode took place during Art Basel Hong Kong. Prada took over the third floor of Barrak Block, one of the most historic buildings in Tai Kwun, for a two-day event which included artworks, installations and talks. 

A special edition of the Prada Invites project was staged, featuring contributions by renowned architects Cini Boeri, Elizabeth Diller and Kazuyo Sejima. The experience also comprised a photographic installation of Jamie Diamond’s intimate and eerie work, along with a dynamic and engaging programme of talks.

Kennedy discovered and secured the venue, creatively directed and programmed the event, and oversaw the food and beverage offering for the experience, which was prepared by French chef Adeline Grattard.

︎︎︎ Creative direction
︎︎︎ Venue search
︎︎︎ Experience format

︎︎︎ Programming
︎︎︎ F&B Consultancy
︎︎︎ Budget management