Prada Mode is a series of ephemeral, multi-dimensional social clubs which pinpoint and celebrate a moment in contemporary culture. The concept, which spans art, music, entertainment, food, drink and discourse, was first established as a three-day experience during Miami Art Basel 2018.

This debut installation took over the Freehand Hotel in South Beach, including a restaurant, lounges, a garden, a bar-cum-club and venues for dynamic panel discussions. Kennedy enlisted esteemed Chicago artist Theaster Gates to design a site-specific mixed-media installation, reusing a treasure trove of archival photography from Johnson Publishing in Chicago – a Black-owned company which published Ebony and Jet magazines, reclaiming Black identity from white authorship.

Highly acclaimed and extremely well-attended, Prada Mode Miami closed with a special live performance by The Black Monks. Kennedy was responsible for the creative direction, design, programming and production of the event format, which has since been reprised in several venues and iterations.

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