During Frieze Seoul, Prada presented the 10th iteration of Prada Mode – “Plural and Parallel” at Seoul's KOTE. Curated by Lee Sook-Kyung (The Whitworth), celebrated film directors Kim Jee-Woon, Yeon Sang-ho and Jeong Dahee created site specific installations, showcasing there a vision of contemporary cinema and their beloved city through their idiosyncratic lens.

Across the two days of Prada Mode Seoul, three of Seoul's celebrated film directors, curated by Lee Sook-Kyung brought their individual visions to life.

Jeong Da-Hee's installation ‘Paper, Light, Ghost’ transformed a library space into a room of drawings, playing with light and shadow, whilst Yeon Sang Ho recreated his work on the popular Netflix series "Hellbound" that originated as a webtoon and short film, and Kim Jee Woon explores the nostalgia of old Seoul and a journey inside faded memory in "The Shadows of Faded Old Love".

Conversations spanning culinary culture, absence, mortality were held with esteemed speakers including film critic Kim Haery and Korean author Muru with a special curatorial musical 'janchi' performance by Kim Kira.

Jeong Da-Hee, “Paper, Light, Ghost”

Kim Jee Woon, “The Shadows of Faded Old Love”

Yeon Sang Ho, “Hellbound”

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