MARCH 2024


On March 7th and 8th, Prada Mode presented the third iteration of The Double Club in Los Angeles — a project by Carsten Höller, in collaboration with Luna Luna.

The Double Club Los Angeles centers around a site-specific installation based on several signature tropes of Carsten Höller’s artistic practice — the principle of division and the machinery of fun within carnival aesthetics.

The Double Club included two days of musical programming curated by Carsten Höller and Drake including Craig Richards, La Cosecha Internacional, Straight Honey and DJ tsUgU in addition to DJ sets and live acts during the nights by Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, Anderson Paak, Craig Richards, Arman Naféei, Cimafunk, Jojo Abot, La Goony Chonga, Mimi Xu, Pedro, Bianca Lexis, DJ Reflex.

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